Begin the booktalk by reading from opening pages of the book:
Before the War…the evenings lingered longer, and it was always summer when it wasn’t Halloween, or Christmas. Long, lazy light reached between the houses, and the whole street played our version of hide-and-seek, called only by olly-olly-in-free and supper time. Before I could keep up, I rode my brother’s shoulders, hung in the crook of Dad’s good arm. I rode them across the long shadows of afternoon, high over hedges, heading for home base, when our street was the world, before the war, when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.”

When America enters WWII life changes drastically for Davy Boman. Instead of playing in the street, the neighborhood children spend their time collecting for the war effort. The blue star that hangs in Davey’s window means someone in his family is away fighting in the war. There is also his new teacher Miss Eulilia Tulis who happens to look like, “a walnut with a mustache” and the pranks that are played on his friends and his neighbors. A a cast of odd ball characters and outrageous situations keep the adventures and misadventures of Davey Bowman from being anything but mundane as everyone waits to see who will safely return home from the war. On The Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck.