When it is neither day nor night, when shadows lurk before darkness falls. This time, when almost anything can happen, is known as the dark thirty. You don’t want to find yourself alone during the dark thirty. For no one will believe you if you tell them what you saw. Did you actually see it? Those 30 minutes between day and night can be bewitching. It’s best to spend this eerie yet magical time with friends-sharing stories. Stories about the strange things that people have seen, stories about the supernatural. A man killed by the Klan returns to seek justice. A train that brings death if you hear its whistle. A man that can see the future sees a fiery demise for his family. The stories in this collection of spine tingling tales are inspired by African American history. They will make you shiver… They will make you wonder… And they are perfect for sharing during that time when anything can happen, during… The Dark Thirty.


Josh Lewis’ best friend, techno-nerd Aaron Zimmer, has turned his computer into a wish-granting machine. The formula is not quite right however, and they repeatedly find themselves subject to the wishes of those that surround them. When it is the wishes of a snotty poodle, a boy crazy sister, and the oldest, meanest woman in New York City that are responsible for transporting you through space and time you never know where you will end up. Aaron and Josh must find a way to return to current space and time, fix the machine, avoid the bullies whose underwear they stole, and catch the Watcher, who has been tracking their every move...

An escaped, genetically engineer rat modified for intelligence and trained for espionage; a bored, lonely disobedient boy; and an evil robot meet on a space station. One of the three won’t survive.