Woods Runner By Gary Paulsen

September 17, 2010

Samuel is a boy of 13 living on the frontier with his family in 1776. At 13 he already provides for his family and most of the cabins in his settlement. Samuel loves the woods. He knows the woods. He can hunt and track better than anyone. In fact he spends most of his time in the forest providing food for his entire settlement. Many people in the settlement were afraid of the deep forest because the woods could be deadly. ( –Read from page 5)

But the woods are not what is threatening Samuel now. War has broken out and the British have invaded. While Samuel was out hunting his entire settlement was burnt to the ground. People were slaughtered. But his parents he, thinks, were taken captive. So now Samuel must use his hunting and tracking skills to find his parents and try to get them back. It will be no easy task. Death and destruction are everywhere on the path that lays ahead.

Woods Runner is a story of adventure and survival but its also a story about the truth of war. The horror of war. (Read author’s note from the epilogue)


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