Gilda Joyce Series by Jennifer Allison

September 25, 2009

Start with this introduction from the website: (

Dear friend:

My name is Gilda Joyce, and I’m a psychic investigator.

Perhaps you find this hard to believe. After all, if you saw me in the hallway at school, you’d probably assume that I’m an ordinary teenager who lives in Michigan with her widowed mother and annoying older brother. (“True,” you’d think, “this girl is attractive, with an iconoclastic fashion sense. Still — she’s probably just an ordinary kid who’s trying to look interesting.”)

The truth, dear reader, is that encounters with the spooky, the creepy, the hair-raising, and (occasionally) the ridiculous have an uncanny way of seeking me out. Partly because of this, I’ve been studying my Master Psychic’s Handbook and working hard to develop my psychic skills…

Gilda Joyce is one of my favorite young investigators. She’s intrepid, spunky, prone to wearing outrageous costumes and is always ready to solve a new paranormal mystery. This comic mystery series is one of the best yet. I often shivering and laughing at the same time. I can’t get enough of Gilda.

Then follow with a paraphrasing of one of the book summaries from the site. I especially like the one for Ladies of the Lake:

If you think a school for girls is simply a place to wear ribbons in your hair and expose your dimpled knees, you’ve never been to Our Lady of Sorrows.
When Gilda first entered this exclusive private school on scholarship, she was all set to tie my hair in a ponytail, get a fake tan, and write my homework assignments in pink gel ink.
What she didn’t expect was the ominous warning: “Keep your voice down around the dead.”
She didn’t expect the ghost of a drowned girl to wander the hallways.
She certainly didn’t expect to make the most chilling discovery of all: the secret of the Ladies of the Lake.


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